Located 140 Kms from the state capital Bangalore-- Mysore is the erstwhile capital of Wodeyars, the rulers of Mysore state. The Wodeyar family ruled Mysore since 14th century except for a short period of 40 years when Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan were the rulers. Mysore has never failed to mesmerise the tourists with its quaint charm, rich heritage, magnificent palaces, beautifully laid-out gardens, imposing buildings, broad shady avenues and sacred temples. The charm leaves no one untouched.

Buggy Trails History

The nostalgic days of the princely State and the British era where the elite used a buggy to commute between places is sought to be recreated in Mysore to add charm to those thronging this "City of Palaces". The Buggy Culture, once iconic of the "Raj culture", will make a comeback in the city, though symbolically.

About Horse Carriage

The Buggy (a small lightweight carriage drawn by horse) Trail project being revived by the Mysore Heritage Centre to popularise the vintage classic horse carriages in Mysore promises to breath fresh life to one of the oldest and declining traditions of Mysore Shah Pasand tongas and horse carriages. A wide range of these horse buggies coming from around the world would be showcased during this Dasara festivities, and public could use road show by buggies as well as use it.