At the time of Independence

Mysore empire at the time of independence was one of the most developed countries of the world with self sustainable economy .This situation is getting reserved to worse in the last 60 years of independence.


Mysore has cows, dogs donkeys and host of other domestic and draught animals knit into the daily life style of Mysore, which reflects its living heritage of life style. Protection of Mysore heritage is also protection of these symbiotic systems.

Regain the Heritage

It is our town planners and other concerned authorities give due importance to the space requirements of all these classical Mysore activities. The inclusive animal population of the city should also be conserved by expanding existing spaces in the city corporation area and in further planning activity for mysore city. If this concern is furthered ,Agriculture and animal husbandries have to be retained to co exist with new cities all secondary cities .

Full Stop to Fossil Fuels

Development of man animal relation systems reflected in Mysore heritage has to be nurtured and conserved. We have to start the process to get rid of dependence on fossil fuels. Believe me, If we do not bring back horse transport now , we may have to bring nuclear energy based buses and autos for the remaining part of this century . Lets make a choice now ,lets make a wise choice; a better choice for this planet , the best choice for our children .